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My heart explodes with praise to you!
Now and forever my heart bows in worship to you,
my King and my God!
Every day I will lift up my praise to your name
with praises that will last throughout eternity.
Lord, you are great and worthy of the highest praise!
For there is no end to the discovery
of the greatness that surrounds you.

Psalm 145:1-3 (TPT)

Is it just that easy?

“Ask anything in my name, and I will do it for you!”
John 14:14 (TPT)

I spent yesterday evening on the prayer team at church. There was a vacancy so I volunteered, knowing that I will never improve if I don’t accept the opportunities that God puts before me. I have to tell you, last night was nothing less than glorious. All praise to Jesus!

My husband and I arrived early for the Dream Team Rally. How patient and encouraging he was as I pulled him from one event to another. I introduced him to a few friends, we had a brief conversation with each one and then found our seat at the front of the church. Words of wisdom, thanks, prayer, and a song were shared throughout the fifteen minutes of prep time. We were dismissed and instructed to head to our serving positions.

Carl (my husband) and I found our seats closest to my prayer position and settled in for worship and our own personal encounters with God. As the Worship Band came on, we stood to sing along with them. Shortly into the first song, I felt pulled to the two ladies standing in front of us. The one was filled with the Holy Spirit, I felt His Presence and couldn’t help but worship all the more.

Reminds me of Luke 1:41 (TPT)

At the moment she heard Mary’s voice, the baby within Elizabeth’s womb jumped and kicked. And suddenly, Elizabeth was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

In our church service, there are about fifteen to twenty minutes of Response Time. People are free to receive Communion, pin something to the cross, light a candle or receive prayer. As the Pastor is praying for us in this time, the prayer teams make their way to their positions, to which I did. I hadn’t been there long when the spirit-filled woman came to my side. She said that she was not in need of prayer but would like to pray for her friend. As we joined hands and bowed our heads, I felt this instant energy within me. It was a feeling of safety, homey, welcoming, joyous and peaceful all at the same time.

I nervously started out with “Heavenly Father, we thank you that you supply all of our needs” and then like a river, the words just flowed. I don’t remember what I said in its entirety. I can recall words but nothing else. Towards the end, I felt such a desperate need to be heard (I’m not even sure if those are the right words) but I squeezed this woman’s hands just a wee bit harder and from the depths of my heart I stressed the word, “healing!”  Then, it was over! The Holy Spirit had nothing more to say so neither did I. The woman and I quickly exchanged pleasantries and she walked off.

I do hope to sit near her again! She gives off a heavenly intoxication that I long to be in range of!!

At this point, I was on fire for God and the church! With hands stretched high, I pleaded for healing, freedom from bondage, marital reconciliations, Salvations, and Divine Encounters for all. It was a holy moment totally orchestrated by God’s loving, all-knowing, powerful hand.

Let me backtrack a little bit because His work didn’t just begin at church.

Before I’m due to volunteer with the prayer team, I set an hour aside so that I can pray, anoint myself by the power of Jesus Christ, and worship. I cannot be an asset to His Kingdom if I don’t seek Him first. This life is all about Him. We are here for His purposes and not ours. What good is it to serve if we don’t sit and ask Him for help and direction. I learned this the hard way! Trust me!!

I am currently on a mission to memorize scripture; I’m working on Psalm 145:16-18. I love this Psalm and I find myself praying it, of late, before each quiet time because it sets me in line with God. The words are beautiful, moving and I’m easily transported from my own concerns into praise. I’m quickly opened to His Heavenly Presence which is what I desire most.

I thought I’d write the two verses down on an index card. I spent a good forty-five minutes in quite with this Scripture as my fight song for the battles that I would face later in the evening. When finished, I stuck the card into my back pocket with the intention of using it with whoever stood before me in need of prayer. I actually forgot it was there which, I believe, was God’s plan from the get-go!

Carl and I went to the grocery store after church because he was in need of a few things. While he was in there, a black sedan pulled up in the lot across from me. A family got out and I recognized the woman right away.  She was a woman from church. Three weeks ago, she was standing in front of me as I was serving on the prayer team. The Lord pulled my eyes in her direction as I waited patiently for the Pastor’s prayer to finish which would queue me to meet my prayer partner at the front of the church. As I took note of this woman, the Lord spoke to my heart:

“Go over to her and ask her how you can pray for her.”

I paused as this woman wiped at her eyes. Whether she was crying or she had something in them, I’m not entirely sure. At that moment, I felt that she was emotional so I left her in her reverie and rushed to my prayer partners side. Throughout the Response Time, I couldn’t help but relive that quick moment at the back of the church. I’ve heard stories of other prayer warriors experiencing the same sort of thing. God brings a person to their heart and they either go or they don’t. Here came my moment and I walked away.

As I was leaving church on that particular night, I saw her outside sitting at a picnic table. This was my second chance. There was nobody in sight, she was alone, and all I managed, in passing, was, “Have a blessed week!”

Feeling terribly disappointed, I prayed to God when I got home and on into the following couple of days. I asked Him to put that woman before me again so that I could do as He requested. I asked for forgiveness and a third chance!

I attended church a couple of times after those failed divine appointments; I didn’t see her, but as I was sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store (waiting on my husband), she got out of that vehicle. I sat there shocked and amazed! She and her family joyfully walked towards the front door of the grocery store.

What am I to do? I certainly could not run up to her and say, “God told me at church several weeks ago to pray for you!”

To do this while standing in the middle of the parking lot just didn’t seem like the logical answer. In my moment of devising some sort of prayer attack, the Lord reminded me of that Scripture in my back pocket. I immediately jumped out of my car and stuck it on her car window; I felt God’s hand all over me as I realized what He had been up to from the second I wrote it at my desk (I don’t carry Scripture in my back pocket but I will certainly start) to the second that I stuck it underneath her windshield wiper. Of course, my thought was to stick around and watch her reaction as she pulled that paper from her car. The Lord said to me:

“It’s not for you to know!”

I obediently pulled away.

It was a glorious evening at church, standing hand and hand with a fellow believer pleading on her friend’s behalf for healing. The miracles didn’t stop there! Nor will they ever! The Lord gave me my third chance in the parking lot of the grocery store. How pleased and thankful I am that God’s hand is in all the details of our life. It’s not anything that we do. He does it because He loves us.

He loved us first!

Thank you, Jesus!

Psalm 145:16-18 (TPT)

When you open your generous hand, it’s full of blessings,
satisfying the longings of every living thing.
You are fair and righteous in everything you do,
and your love is wrapped into all your works.
You draw near to those who call out to you,
listening closely, especially when their hearts are true.


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