girl blowing a dandelion flower
Photo by Johannes Plenio 

New pictures!

Out with the old!

Pictures of me in a prayer circle, expressing heartfelt prayers. I hear my Heavenly Father’s direct words. Words of life flow from my mouth, words of love directed towards you, Father God and to the others in the circle, and the ones in the church. I hear faint whispers of praise, love, thankfulness, and worship, spoken in my own language as well as in different prayer languages coming from the ones I stand hand in hand with.

Your Presence felt, your Voice heard–total elation, peace, love. You fill our hearts, the church and all the people who come to us for prayer.

Holy Spirit, speak life into this new picture:

You are part of this wholeness! You bring your own God-given gifts to the circle. Let nothing hold you back–childlike freedom and expression. Expression with your Heavenly Father as you are intended to have. This is good! This is your freedom which has been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ!!

What a beautiful picture this is! Thank you!

Emotion overtakes me as I soak in His world of expression! The freedom to speak as He directs–to hear Him so incredibly clear and in turn, the privilege to speak those words forth to the ones before me. Expression in my movement–hands in a conversation of their own, body gently swaying back and forth due to the activity of the Holy Spirit within me, my face of concern, love, peace, reverence, and comfort as His Divine Presence comes through me.

Childlike emotion!

“UNHINDERED” which is the Word He gave me!

Jesus said:

You’ve been reserved most of your life! You’ve always held yourself back in conversation and action, feeling so fearful of being thought of or even called an “idiot.” You are NO LONGER hindered! Come to me in childlike expression. You have no worries of others. Your focus is just ME! I do not find fault in you! You are RIGHTEOUS because of the blood of Jesus! The Holy Spirit lives in you.


This expression is intoxicating to others. This wonderful way of communicating gives people hope, joy, kindness, the opportunity to reflect on what this expression is all about. It’s good! It’s a gift! I gave it to you! Don’t be afraid to use it. Yes, it’s been a very long time since you’ve used it and it does feel foreign, but once you get started, it will become easier and you will see what this gift of mine can do for others. I will help you!

Here’s your new picture!

It’s you and ME in a deep and intimate conversation and nothing surrounds us but the freedom to express. Look at my own expression! Do you see me! There’s no more hiding, do not put me in the shadows. I cannot work through you if you push me to the side! Let people see ME in you! Let me work and let me use your divine gift of expression! Let MY light shine!

You have your own special gifts, personality, characteristics, and purpose. You are not like another. This would be boring and I’m certainly not boring! There is much joy when one comes to ME in faith! I have much to say and show each of you; you were created so  I could do just that.

I knit you together with MY own hands. Don’t hide what I’ve freely given you. You were made for greater things!


Inspired by, “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice,” by Dr. Mark Virkler and by my sister in Christ, Karen!



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