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Thank YOU for the Victory yesterday! YOU prepped and prepared me the ENTIRE two weeks, just as I asked! YOU taught me through the struggle and the crushing anxiety that YOU had already made a way. YOU filled me with spiritual knowledge just as I requested! I did not want to disappoint YOU, my Pastoral Team, the congregation nor myself. YOU explained what happens when we are called to action. I praise YOU because YOU never leave us hanging. YOU don’t expect us to carry out YOUR requests by ourselves. YOUR supernatural power comes in like a mighty wind, which is something I’ve never experienced before. I will be praying for this a hundred times over!!

Oh, the joy to be used by YOU–to delight in YOU each morning and to witness the beauty YOU create as I deliberately sit in quiet, expectantly waiting for YOUR HOLY PRESENCE! There is nothing I want more! How precious and lovely YOU are to me! How you surprise me with abundant inner joy each time YOU visit. YOUR intentions are never evil. Yes, there are many things that happen in this world that we do not understand but one thing stands true, YOU are always in the midst of them, fighting on our behalf. Flipping unfortunate circumstances in our favor!

Yesterday was a true testament of YOUR faithfulness and YOUR unconditional love for me. YOU do keep YOUR promises. My faith and trust in YOU has exploded to new heights. The things YOU could accomplish on this earth if we’d only take our eyes from ourselves and see YOU for who YOU truly are.

YOU are a FATHER who loves, saves, and forgives! A FATHER who sent HIS only SON to die on the cross for all of our sins in order to be reconciled to YOU. How I love YOU, adore YOU, need YOU and rejoice in YOU. My joy is YOU!!

Yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect!! YOUR WORDS to me, as I sat before YOU in prayer, was a lifeline. I felt YOUR distinct and unmistakable Presence; YOU were loud and clear:

“I’ve sent a brother to help you in your act of obedience. Why are you not grabbing onto this valuable gift? Why ignore?”

“Rebellion! I want to do it by myself!”

“Big mistake!”

I praise and thank YOU, Jesus. YOU never give up. I relented and contacted my Christian Brother, my gift from YOU. I picked him up at ten o’clock and while driving, I explained our order of business.

Memory Care first!
Independent Living second!

We did not discuss what would take place. He’d been prepped in his own way just as I had been prepped in my own way. My brother sat peacefully in the passenger seat. He was excited and anticipating this moment; acting faithfully in YOUR requests of him.

I, on the other hand, was feeling slight apprehension and doubt in my own capabilities. I failed to recognize YOUR hand on the events that were about to take place. For this, I’m sorry!!

Upon arriving at the Memory Care, my brother grabbed his ukelele, asked me to pass out the songs and we all began to sing. This was going to be alright! I felt myself relax as I observed what was taking place before me. After the music, a message was said, prayers were given and we were finished. I hardly spoke at this service. I felt the need to step back and soak in the words that came smoothly from my brother’s mouth.

We were off to the Independent Living. We followed a similar pattern as in the Memory Care but when “fear” was mentioned in my brother’s message I heard YOU shout:


To which I did!

I launched into the WORDS that YOU had given me two weeks prior. Only, it wasn’t coming from me. Yes, it was my voice but what I said and the presentation were not of my own doing. I don’t speak with that much impact, urgency, strength and confidence.

Where did my timidity go?
Where were my shaky knees?
Where was the waver in my voice?

No, this takeover doesn’t just occur by human will!!

It was YOU!
It was a MIRACLE!

How awesome it felt to see the conversation on the listener’s faces!

Some looked on intently!
Some nodded!
Some smiled!
One winked!

How different this is from writing. I’m hooked and ready to do this again because I know that YOU have many things to say. I know that YOU have work to do.

I want to help!
Use me!

In writing, there is much isolation. Sure you get comments and that is always a blessing but to see the face of another as YOUR WORD is shared is certainly a prize worth battling for!

Afterward, handshakes, hugs, and words of encouragement from the people in the congregation!

All of this, I took in appreciatively. I just knew it was YOU reaching out to me through the lives of others:

“Well done! I’m so proud of you!”

So, thank YOU, JESUS! I love YOU. Thank YOU for this Victory which is all YOURS!! Thank YOU for loving me through it all. Thank YOU for YOUR endless supply!! Even when I was doubtful and ready to quit, YOU stepped in and gave me gentle nudges. You spoke to my heart with the intention to motivate and to teach and for this, I’m truly grateful!

You often told me in times of weakness:

“Wait a minute! Not so fast! You can’t give up! I want to show you some things to help you out!”

And, YOU most certainly did!!

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