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LORD, I’m seeking YOU in all that I do.
Help me to step away from the things that are not of YOU!
Fill me with YOUR SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE so that I can embrace the things you have for me and discard the distractions that pull my eye from YOU!
All threats…big and little!

Teach me to take notice of the smallest interference between YOU and me.
Help me catch them before they grow into emotional distress.
It used to be habits, weakness, inadequacies but by your grace, I’m in great belief that I can give them all to YOU.
I’ve done it, and I’ve watched YOU work it all out in my favor.
Thank you!!

I need to act fast in order to make wise choices because the smallest infliction is detrimental to my well-being in YOU!
Disconnected from my Source because of my own ignorance.
I don’t want to be burdened any more with things that bring me down.
I want freedom!

Matthew 6:33 (NLT Study Notes) says this:

To “seek the Kingdom of GOD above all else” means to put GOD first in your life, to fill your thoughts with HIS desires, to take HIS character for your pattern, and to serve and obey HIM in everything. What is really important to you? People, objects, goals and other desires all compete for priority. Any of these can quickly become most important to you if you don’t actively choose to give GOD first place in every area of your life.

Yesterday was a tough day.

The morning started out great!
A new exercise class!
A new friend!
Energy through the roof!
Big plans for the day!
Things to accomplish!

Then, a sudden halt–no fault of anyone but myself. I lost traction! I felt elation draining from my body, leaving me with, irritation and frustration.

Help me recognize a detour in YOUR WILL in my life!
How do I respond to this sort of circumstance?
What could I have done to keep the momentum going?

Praying this morning for YOUR HOLY PRESENCE and WISDOM. I feel I’m at a crossroad in my spiritual growth, in my time with YOU, in my service for YOUR KINGDOM!

Keep me from wrong decisions, only seeking things that fill me with YOUR ALMIGHTY LOVE and POWER! Not because I’m on the search for amazement and recognition but because how YOU make me feel inside.

I’m addicted and can easily become quite angry when I allow things in my life to take away from YOU! This is what happened last night. Something so trivial but yet devastating!

You showed me 2 Chronicles 7:14:

Then if MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from HEAVEN and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

Church last night was absolutely unbelievable! Well, it was believable but unbelievable if one were to take it all in with a mind of unbelief–if that makes any kind of sense?

YOU spoke right through that Pastor! His words were YOUR words. Words that YOU had already spoken to me. YOU faithfully fed me for two weeks for this November 15th speaking engagement. YOU carried me to YOUR final destination with the exact same wisdom as this Pastor spoke of last night.

All this spiritual education recapped in forty-five minutes!
YOUR plans for us are always right on time, perfect, and glorious!
How good YOU truly are to us!
I am in love!
I am thankful!

I left the church feeling taken over by YOU! I didn’t want to leave that moment. YOUR HEAVENLY PRESENCE so close. Complete ONENESS!

This is what I’m seeking, YOU and only YOU! Not to eliminate my current circumstances but to have YOU at the center and all around! I want no part of anything that doesn’t come with love, joy, compassion, patience, and kindness. Out with all the rubbish!!

I can feel a big difference between the challenges of YOUR HOLY CALLINGS and the challenges resulting in my own bad decisions.

Let me stop and take notice of where YOU are so that I can move in YOUR direction.
Let me be picky where my time is spent!
Let me place my zeal in worthwhile things!

In some areas of my life, I’m not feeling YOU!
What do I do?
Direct me, FATHER!
Do not let me step out of YOUR WILL!
Do not let me out of YOUR sight!

This makes me feel upset which is not of YOUR doing, HOLY GOD!

It’s all me!!

I choose you, LORD!
I fight for you, LORD!
YOU are my life!

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