person lying on bed holding blanket

As I lay under the weight of many blankets, he came towards me urgently. He knew what the matter was and by his look of concern and determination, he was more than ready to assist.

His brows were furrowed in sympathy, eyes soft and calming, face in full expression of love and protection.

Who did these mighty and capable hands belong to? They were outstretched before he even reached me.

“What’s happened?” he whispered into my ear.

As if he didn’t know!

I mumbled into his broad and pronounced shoulder, “Don’t lift the covers back. I will be exposed!”

In the midst of my garble, he had already put his arms around me and hoisted me into an upright position.  One fluid motion without struggle nor strain! A mere child in his arms!

As I woke from this glorious dream, I immediately found myself in prayer, questioning God:

Who was the person in the dream?
Why his face?
Exposed of what?
Why was my answer unintelligible?

He replied:

You are my child.
I know you.
I know your wants, thoughts, weaknesses, gifts, strengths, purpose and so much more!
I knew before you even knew.
Your constant prayer is to know me.


Your daily cry out to me is to have a relationship where MY requests, movement, words and presence are above all else in your life.

You say, “All of you, Jesus, and nothing of me! Help me!”

I came to you in this dream in the form of this man so that you could see and feel with your human capabilities. At this time, this is the only way you can fully comprehend what it is that I want to show you.

Your heart is drawn to this man because you know him and care for him in the assisted living community. His face is his conversation due to his inability to speak full sentences. He communicates with you through his eyes, the creases in his forehead, the tilt of his head, the movement of arms and hands. You expertly read his body language from the confines of his wheelchair. You know his needs even before he can even tell you!

I chose him to show you my expression towards you!

You were held captive in the weight of the blankets, unable to move, only your head! You were stuck!!

I came to rescue you as I always do and will always do. You didn’t call, but I came. I did not dally, I moved with great purpose. I could not watch you struggle! I am compelled to come because of my love for you!

I was reaching for you before you even knew I was coming. I am always reaching for you and not because I need anything or want anything from you but because I love you!

I call out to you continuously because I long to spend time alone with you! I have wonderful, special moments to give you but I won’t force you! You need to come freely!! To be forced is not love!

I feel your battle from beneath the blanket of your burdens, so I quicken my steps! I heard your heart calling out to me for help. Although you uttered no words, I knew and I came! I see relief flood your face. I can’t help but smile! My child! You knew you were safe even though you could do nothing to save yourself. No amount of self would bring freedom!

You tried, didn’t you? You were so anxious over your weaknesses showing though! You did not want anyone to hear your delicate request, “Don’t expose me!”

I heard you which is all that matters. I understood! I already knew, which is why I came!

In one quick motion, I put you on your feet!

You felt the strength in my arms and hands?
I heard you breathe in my holy fragrance?
Your body went limp in surrender and peace invaded every area of your being!


I am the only ONE who brings this kind of peace!
You did nothing to make this happen!
I brought this gift to you because I want to help you!

I love you!!

As this Good News filled my heart, tears welled up in the corners of my eyes and fell.
Thank you, Jesus, for this visit! You truly are the giver of good gifts!

We are not expected to disentangle ourselves from challenges in life. Our loving Father came down from the heavens in the form of Jesus Christ to rescue us. He came to give us life abundantly, every single day! It is Him that brings victory in all things!

He cares!
He loves us!
We are His children!

Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you are ever-present in our lives, available and always near.
Thank you that you know our needs even before we do. You supply abundantly!
Thank you for the precious blood of Jesus!
We can live victoriously every day because of His death, burial, and resurrection.
All honor and glory be to you because you are the God who saves!!
In Jesus Mighty Name,






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