blue clouds color danger
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I went to the hospital tonight like I do every night.  My friend is not doing well and neither is his son. Everything just feels so muddled and lost. I question this and wonder how such an awful thing could happen to such a good person?

Anyway, it takes me an hour to get home and normally I am exhausted during my drive because I’ve been at work all day. During my drive, I listen to Spotify on shuffle. I have a mix of rap, country, pop, and some old school music. Included in my list of 432 songs, are two Christian songs. I told you about them: “So Will I” and “Your Love Defends Me.” It is rare that they come up during my listening time because of the sheer number of songs that are in this playlist.

During my whole drive home, it was storming. The rain was really coming down and lightning lit up the sky quite beautifully. I was in deep thought of my friend and his son; this life can really suck at times! My friend is dying and I can’t do much to comfort him or anyone else in the family. At this moment, I’m not feeling much comfort!

Towards the end of my travels, the song, “So Will I” pops on. I don’t really think much of it but I find myself singing along. The song ends and literally, WHAT ARE THE ODDS, “Your Love Defends Me” comes on next. I can’t even fathom but it does and I immediately start to cry.

I really felt a presence during the whole time this song played. I felt like I was being held and shushed and like someone was telling me that everything will be okay; everything will work out how it’s meant to. Besides feeling that super special presence in the church while visiting a friend up north, this is the most moved I have ever felt, spiritually. It was so amazing to just feel that love and to feel like someone was really watching out for me and for them!

I pulled into my driveway just as the song was ending. It was perfect timing and it was perfectly planned out.

I can’t even begin to understand how that happened but it did and it was really moving and cool.


This letter was shared with me and I have been given permission to share it with you!

Thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me to post your wonderful moment with God! He was and still is surely holding you close and whispering words of love into your heart! What a good, good Father we have!!

The love you felt that night is the exact reason why I keep running to Him. It’s a love that I’ve never felt before. It’s powerful, peaceful, reassuring and filling; all things that cause me distress, just seem to fade away. It no longer matters! My relationship with Jesus is life-changing and for this, I’m incredibly grateful! He is truly amazing!!

When life gets overwhelming, remember your Divine encounter with Jesus. He will surround you and fill you with His love again and again and again. He is always with you and will never fail you! Hallelujah!!


Please feel free to share your Divine encounters with me at connectorforhim@yahoo.com. I would love to hear what God is doing in and through you.

All glory be to God!!


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