love text on white paper with brown envelope

Dear Racinda,

I want to help you.
I want to take the burden from you.
I will protect you from the enemy.
I don’t like to see you walking through your day bent over in oppression.

I see every tear that falls and it breaks my heart.

I am your Father and I love you.

I care about EVERY detail of your life.

I have good things for you.
The defeat you feel is not what I’ve created for you.
Please, let me carry your heavy load.

I came to give life to all and that means you too!
I am the only one who can shoulder the weight.
Surrender it all to me. I know what to do with it.

Your Father


Dear Father,

Thank you, I never come away from your Heavenly Presence empty-handed.
Oh, how distraught I would become if you were nowhere to be found.
I rely on your complete availability, knowing You are near, You hear, and You answer.

What a divine privilege it is to spend time with You.
What devastation I’d feel if I could not feel or hear You.
Thank you, You are never silent!

I cannot function without You.
It deeply saddens me to even think about such a loss.
You know me and my every need; you supply, ever so faithfully, kindly, gently, patiently and gracefully.
How truly blessed I am to be loved and chosen by You.

Don’t let me be careless in anything I do.

Make my mind like yours!
Make my heart like yours!
Make my desires like yours!

Your daughter


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