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Let me be clear, the Anointed One has set us free–not partially, but completely and wonderfully free! We must always cherish this truth and stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past.

In conversation with a friend, I could clearly hear the Holy Spirit say to me:

“Go ahead and share your blog with your friend!”

I couldn’t and I didn’t because I’m often told by the enemy, at least I think it’s him:

“Nobody cares!”
“It’s stupid!”
“You are prideful!”
“You are foolish!”
“They will think you are crazy!”

Sometimes I agree and sometimes I push forth in obedience. On this particular day, I agreed, ended our conversation and walked away in relief that my secret was still safe.

It isn’t often that God shows me who to share it with; I’d rather keep it hidden due to its sensitive nature which tells me that I’m still in that same old human mindset. I imagine that if God were truly my focus, I wouldn’t care who read it or what was said about it.

My heart’s desire is to share the work of God in my life, through my writing and in my Podcast which is a work in progress, in the hopes that it will draw people to Him. I pray that each one will see that God is real, that He is at work and He does speak! 

I ran into this same friend, the next day, and the Holy Spirit spoke:

“Share it!”

I immediately glanced around just to see who else was in the area, contemplated her  Internet access, wondered if she’d really be interested, and questioned whether I was actually hearing my Heavenly Father correctly.

I did not follow through and it wasn’t until I got home, and heard several times “to share,” that I finally gave in. How disappointed I feel! Why should the Holy Spirit have to tell me, over and over, to move? And, the only reason I do is to be free of His request! How disrespectful and rebellious I am!

I called her! I stumbled over my words and felt foolish as I told her about my blog. The minute it spilled out, I felt regret:

“It’s called, “Our Heavenly Prize.”

As I sit here reflecting on that telephone exchange, I’m reminded that Jesus gave me the name. I didn’t hem and haw over the title, He brought it to me! I knew in that instant that it came from Him. Where is the “foolishness” in that? The God of Heaven and Earth looked upon me and graced me with a name. This is His gift to me and this is how I thank Him, with doubt in who He is. Can He not use anything and everything for His greater glory! Absolutely!!

Forgive me, Lord, for choosing my own comfort instead of your glory! Forgive me for putting limits on You! Supply me with the strength to cast all my cares onto You as I step out in obedience!!

John Piper’s sermon, “How To Seek The Holy Spirit,” features Scripture from 1 Peter 4. When I read it, verse 14 spoke to me in regards to my conversation with my friend!

If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. On their part, He is blasphemed, but on your part, He is glorified. 

The Spirit of glory and God rests upon me and you! If we do nothing if we say nothing, then where is God and His glory? At a dead halt because of disobedience. We don’t know who He is trying to reach or what He’s trying to accomplish in our own lives. We can’t see as far ahead as He can! We do know that His plans are for good so obey and watch Him work!

If we trust and have faith in Him, if we keep our eyes on Him, not thinking only of ourselves and what we can see in front of us, then obedience is an easy task. He will supernaturally come into our circumstance, which we sometimes see as doubtful and scary, and intervene. This is when His glory will take shape and all will see Him! Hallelujah!!

He will not let us fail!

What is God telling you to do?

He’s telling me to throw all cares to Him, walk in the Spirit, and be obedient.








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