Nothing Goes Unnoticed

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I am currently reading a book called, “The Lies We Believe,” by Dr. Chris Thurman. I came across a sentence yesterday that gave me pause and when I woke this morning, it was still with me. The chapter is called,  “You Are a Person of Great Worth,” and it states this:

“The father of lies wants you to believe you are worthless and unworthy of love. He wants you to think you are the reason relationships don’t go well and that it isn’t okay to be a human being who makes mistakes. These four lies are usually in play when human beings are destructive to themselves and to each other.”

(Bold-type is mine because this is how it presented in my mind)

My words:

Nothing goes unnoticed! God sees all and knows all. I had a Holy Spirit encounter this morning while outside with my dog. I noticed that another dog had done a number two in the grass and normally I would be really upset by this because I would start to imagine the person who did not pick it up. I’d envision their appearance, personality, and morals. Anger would wash over me and I’d wish they would step in it! Maybe then they’d realize their negligence and lack of care for others!

This morning was different and I knew the Lord was at work and whatever He was doing would be applicable wisdom from here on out!

Please consider: I am not trying to point out my goodness in this early morning challenge. Sin is part of human nature and this is why God came down from the heavens to save us all. I struggle just as much as the next person with temptation. It is only by God’s grace and mercy that we are able to get up each morning and face the day with goodness in our hearts. I am learning and growing too.

As I made my way to the pile I heard:

“God will take care of this person. You don’t have to get angry and imagine scenarios as you once did. He knows their heart. He takes great care of them as He does you.”

I picked it up in peace and continued on with my dog! I know this is not the cleanest of stories but God can truly use anything to get His point across. We just have to be open to His opportunities!

In prayer, ask Him for spiritual senses so that His presence is not missed! He hears and He will delightfully answer!

His Wisdom:

When someone has done something that has lit you up inside, God can immediately put that fire out and create one of His own! Hallelujah! God will take care of those people who offend. He will take care of us when we offend and not because He wants to punish us but because He loves us. We don’t want our children acting out thoughtlessly. God certainly does not want His children acting out thoughtlessly! This brings no glory to Him and after all, this is why we are here!

Instead of getting upset, pray!

I pray that this unknown dog-owner would come to know Jesus more intimately, whether they are lost, shaky in faith, or filled with great faith. May Jesus come into their heart and do mighty things! I pray for wisdom and understanding and that in this new life, created by the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that they would be on fire to glorify and honor Him. And I pray this in Jesus’ Name!

With my walk finished and at my desk for prayer, the Lord took what I had just experienced outside and applied it to the wounds I’ve received throughout my life. Unfortunately, life is full of circumstances that create hurt within us but they don’t have to dominate. The Lord is bigger than this!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for taking care of our wounds! You are using them for your good. Those moments of hurt will only make us more pliable and obedient in your hands. You are shaping and cutting away the darkness that holds us back. For we are your masterpiece, you have created us anew, so we can do the good things you planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10, NLT). Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness and love.

Father, I pray for all those who are reading this Holy Spirit experience right now. I pray that you release whatever is holding them back and fill every area of their lives, their hearts, soul, and mind with your Holy Spirit. Father, open them to receive you. You are all that matters! Keep their focus on you and bless them each with your love, peace, and joy. Give them a great desire to seek you each and every day and reward them with goodness! You are for us and never against us (Romans 8:31). Your love is greater than anything we’ve ever experienced here in this world. Help us to receive your blessings! Thank you!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Let me conclude with Dr. Chris Thurman’s response to unworthiness:

“God always has an authoritative response to the Enemy’s lies, shame included. From God’s perspective, the truth is you have worth because He made you in His image, you are worthy of love as He demonstrated on the cross, you are not to blame for every relationship problem that occurs, and you are a finite human being who can’t help but make mistakes. God has the truth to counter every lie the Enemy will ever throw at you. The issue is whether you are going to believe what God says or what the liar says.”


Thurman, C. (2019). The lies we believe. W Publishing Group.





3 thoughts on “Nothing Goes Unnoticed

  1. Maurice July 26, 2020 / 6:48 pm

    Very lovely experience Racinda Chave. The Lord can certainly use anything or situation to speak to us. i hope and pray for you continual growth as you experience Christ and the Holy Spirit daily.


    • Racinda Chave July 31, 2020 / 3:20 pm

      God bless you, Maurice! I so appreciate your comment. It is always wonderful to hear from others. A true work of God and a boost in faith, for sure! I pray God fills you till overflowing with His love, peace, and joy! Hallelujah!! Have a glorious day, Maurice!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maurice July 31, 2020 / 10:36 pm

        Thank you you too. Have a wonderful God filled day Racinda


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