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Good morning!

Praying that each one of you is blessed today!!

I wasn’t sure where I was headed in my time of quiet this morning so I simply asked Him, “LORD, where would you have me go?” He faithfully pointed me to Exodus which comes from the reading assignment at the back of my Bible (NLT). He’s made it quite clear that sermons, devotions, and other religious books are terrific and most helpful but His Word is far more critical, so I’ve been trying to follow His wise advice. To be honest, it’s been quite a few weeks since I referred to the reading plan because I’ve been in the midst of conversations with Him and He had His own Scriptures to share with me. I haven’t felt the need to utilize a structured reading plan. This morning, I obviously needed it!

My Scripture for the day was from Exodus 16:1-36 and I could get no further than the fourth verse. I like to read the Mind of God out loud so that distractions cannot wiggle themselves into my thoughts which does happen. I can be merrily reading along and the next thing I know, I’m thinking about work, food, or family. All good things for sure, but when sitting with God, I want to hear from Him. I need to hear from Him.

Exodus 16:4 says:

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Look, I’m going to rain down food from heaven for you. Each day the people can go out and pick up as much food as they need for that day.

Awesome, the Lord is going to rain down food and these people can collect as much as they need for the day. God is good, but I didn’t read it like this and this is the second time (that I can recall) that God has supernaturally altered Scripture to fit my current circumstances. Not that He hasn’t used it in the past, supernaturally, but the last couple of times that I’ve read, I felt as if I’m seeing it on a deeper level, below the surface of what is written. When reading, I certainly see the divine words as they are but I’m understanding differently, spiritually? I sat stunned and urgently prayed to God for more of this!

Verse four filled me with great hope, love, and reward. He assured me that His supply does not come in dribs and drabs but in RAIN!! All we have to do is go out and collect and our needs will be met for THAT day.

We do this by not going outside and collecting but by taking time each day to sit before him, preferably first thing in the morning. He desires to be our provision and so much more but we have to take action. We cannot sit back and expect our Father to do it all. Life is not like this and neither is He.

How can we “collect?”

By reading Scripture (most important because this is the mind of God), praying silently or boldly out loud, listening to a Bible App, cranking up praise and worship music while lifting up our hands and singing or softening it and letting it wash all over us!

Philippians 4:8 says:

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

God will feed us!

Heavenly Father…thank you for your promise this morning. Thank you that when we seek you, with our heart in hand, we will find You. You never disappoint, never fail, nor never leave. You are the same today as You were yesterday. How we rely on You!! Thank you for your provision today. Thank you that you’ve already determined the day. Your plans are always for good. Lord, I pray that each of us has the desire, motivation, courage, boldness, and strength to walk in Your Will today. Feed us, Heavenly Father, throughout the day, keep our focus on You, and let us reflect your brilliant light on others, all in the power of the Holy Spirit. We love you Jesus and we give you all the honor and glory, In your Holy Name, Amen!!

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